Corrections to Personal Impressions

The third edition (2014) was completely revised throughout, with the addition of 11 further essays: so translations should be made from this edition, with the additional corrections listed below.

Page Line For Read
i 3–1 up the first three […] Pottle. all those listed above, and a four-volume edition of his letters.
iii [add at end:] Affirming: Letters 1975–1997
xxviii last the first footnote to the essay reads: in his acknowledgements Berlin writes:
xxix 7 recall can recall
[add note at end of line:] 474.
xxxvii 6 up ten twelve
23 2 up plaisir douceur
note 1 [replace with this:] ‘Celui qui n’a pas vécu au dix-huitième siècle avant la Révolution ne connaît pas la douceur de vivre.’ [‘Anyone who has not lived in the eighteenth century before the Revolution does not know the sweetness of living.’] La Confession de Talleyrand (1754–1838) (Paris, 1891), 57.
111 2 up Ouspensky Uspensky
380 13 up this: the this. The
424 7–8 war, when they were both being evacuated to cities in Uzbekistan. war in Tashkent, where they were both evacuated.
432 at foot [insert:] [s. caps, centered as 428] ACKNOWLEDEMENTS

I wish to acknowledge my gratitude to Miss Amanda Haight, Dr George Katkov, Dr Aileen Kelly, Dr Robin Milner-Gulland, Professor Dimitri Obolensky, Mr Peter Oppenheimer, Mrs Josephine Pasternak, Mrs Lydia Pasternak-Slater, Mr John Simmons and Mrs Patricia Utechin, all of whom were kind enough to read the first draft of this account. I have greatly profited by their suggestions, nearly all of which I have followed. For all the faults that remain, I am, of course, solely responsible. I have never kept a diary, and this account is based on what I now remember, or recollect that I remembered and sometimes described to my friends during the last thirty or more years. I know only too well that memory, at any rate my memory, is not always a reliable witness of facts or events, particularly of conversations which, at times, I have quoted. I can only say that I have recorded the facts as accurately as I can recall them. If there is documentary or other evidence in the light of which this account should be amplified or corrected, I shall be glad to learn of it. I.B. 1980.
477 Ouspensky Ouspensky Uspensky [and move to 481 after ‘Urquhart’]