Corrections to Freedom and Its Betrayal

Corrections to 2nd edition

The second edition (2014) was completely revised throughout, and translations should be made from this edition, with the additional corrections listed below.

Page Line For/change Read
i 2–1 up the first three […] remaining volume. all those listed above, and a four-volume edition of his letters.
iii [add at end:] Affirming: Letters 1975–1997
xii 3 insert new note 1: See xxix–xxx below.
note 3 (now 3) <> <>
xv last well well as
xvi 18 fantasy – – of fantasy – of
xxiii note 6, 4 xiv xxix–xxx
xxiv–xv last–first at the British Library in London online
xxiv last add note after ‘online.’: See xii/3.
xxiv note 4, 4 LSE Archives, Oakeshott 1/3. See xi/2.
xxv 15 work work on liberty that
xxv note 1 replace with new note: As are the drafts of the inaugural lecture (see xxxii and the appendix to this volume), and Political Ideas in the Romantic Age (xxvii/1).
169 note 2 27/2 xxvii/1
172 2 version. version. It appears here at 231–2.
209 note 1, 1 J J revises the next paragraph as a footnote
212 9 up this will will
234 7 authorise authorise[s]
236 note 1, 1 thr the
239 5 up [215] The
243 8 its its [sc. their]
252 5 avoidable avoidable,
260 5 State state
note 1 256/1 256/2
266 16 realists objectivists
268 2 and recognised what he recognised

Corrections to 1st edition

The superseded list below may be of use to owners of the first edition (2002). It includes (but is not exhausted by) the corrections made in later impressions of that edition.

Insert on p. viii:

Note to the Second Impression

I take the opportunity provided by a second impression to correct one or two misunderstandings occasioned by my Preface. The lectures, though unscripted, were not broadcast live, but recorded and edited before transmission. The typescript entitled ‘Political Ideas in the Romantic Age’ (see p. xii) played virtually no part in the construction of the text of the present volume. And there is in existence, to my knowledge, neither a surviving recording nor a transcript of the author’s Flexner Lectures.
    A few errors have also been corrected. I should like to thank Lady Berlin, George Crowder, Roger Hausheer and Noel Malcolm for drawing four of them to my attention.


Other corrections (Corrections in this colour are required in one or both of the paperbacks of the first edition):

Page Line For Read
Pimlico back cover Picture credit p. 217 p. 127
ix 2 delivered, they created a broadcasting broadcast on BBC Radio’s Third Programme, they created a
x n. 1, 2 spontaneous spontaneous, tumbling
n. 1, 3 1967 1957
14 10–9 up only been ... having them been ... having them only
18 1718 only be obtained be obtained only
28 12 up only be done be done only
36 last one such revolution this revelation
48 2 only right right only
66 5 up only free free only
4 up only do this do this only
67 2 up only becomes man becomes man only
71 15–14 up only remove obstacles remove obstacles only
72 14 up barbarians barbarism
76 15 only mean mean only
82 9 only be discovered be discovered only
84 15 only be explained be explained only
10 up only take the form take the form only
89 10 only get this get this only
93 8–7 up only make sense make sense only
98 3 only say say only
99 17 up only interested interested only
127 12 up only be buckled on be buckled on only
128 last only be achieved be achieved only
149 13 up only be saved be saved only