Corrections to Concepts and Categories

Correction to 2nd edition

The second edition (2013) was completely revised throughout, and translations should be made from this edition, with the additional corrections listed below.

Page Line For Read
i 2–1 up the first three […] remaining volume. all those listed above, and a four-volume edition of his letters.
iii [add at end:] Affirming: Letters 1975–1997
xxv 3 up insert new note: The act of friendship he means was BW’s, not HH’s.

Corrections to 1st edition

The superseded list below may be of use to owners of the first edition (1978). It includes (but is not exhausted by) corrections made in later impressions of that edition.

i–iv alter as required
v invert order of entries for Author’s and Editor’s Prefaces
1 delete ‘page
2 ix xi
vii–viii renumber Author’s Preface as xi–xii and move accordingly
ix–x replace Editor’s Preface with new vii–ix, to precede Author’s Preface
xi–xviii renumber as xiii–xx
xi 7 A. J. (now Sir Alfred) Ayer the late A. J. Ayer
n. 1, 3–5 to be included […] p. 160. included in a later volume of the present selection, Personal Impressions (see p. vii above, note 1), and also Ayer’s autobiography,  Part of my Life (London, 1977), p. 160.
65 9 future of future or
145 7 up nearer nearer to
6 up from from,
5 up frontiers territory
186 n. 1, 3 1965 1963
188 10 up break through breakthrough
190 whole page reset: do not follow Hogarth text
198 2 add note cue 1 after: attention;
insert new note 1: Stuart Hampshire and H. L. A. Hart, ‘Decision, Intention and Certainty’, Mind 67 (1958), 1–12.
199–202 substitute new index, 199–209