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Washington Tributes

On 28 January 1998 ‘An American Remembrance’ of Isaiah Berlin was held at the British Embassy in Washington. Since the tributes delivered on that occasion have not been published (with the exception of that by Charles Taylor, which was privately printed by All Souls College, Oxford), permission has been sought to post them on this site. Those for which permission has so far been given appear on the list of links below.

James Billington
Katharine Graham
Arthur Schlesinger, Jr
Robert Silvers
Charles Taylor
Leon Wieseltier

A similar event  was held on 21 March 1998 at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford; some of the tributes delivered on that occasion appear in The First and the Last, together with Noel Annan’s address at a Memorial Service held at the Hampstead Synagogue on 14 January 1998.