Picture gallery

1 In Riga: photo by E. v. Eggert

2 In Petrograd

3 As a schoolboy in Russia

4 At Arundel House School, July 1921

5 With his aunt, Ida Samunov, 1920s

6 At St Paul’s School, London, c.1928

7 In his room at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, c.1932

8 Photo from diplomatic pass, 1945

9 In a BBC Radio studio, 1959

10 Photo by Clive Barda, December 1974

11 In All Souls Library, 1988: photo by Deborah Elliott

12 In All Souls Library, 1988: photo by Deborah Elliott

13 Photo by Lucinda Douglas Menzies, 1988

14 Photo by Steve Pyke, 1990

15 With Lady (Aline) Berlin, 1974: photo by Alice Kelikian

16 Photographer and date unknown

17 Photo by Billett Potter 1988

18 Photo by Mats Lund, 3 February 1997

Anna Akhmatova (bottom left) in Radcliffe Square, Oxford, on the occasion of her receiving an honorary degree from the University, 1965. IB is behind the car on the right, Dimitri Obolensky on the left, and Anna Kaminskaya, Punin’s granddaughter, is in the back of the car. Is this the only photograph of AA and IB together? (Photographer unknown.)

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