The abbreviations listed below appear throughout this website; all books are by IB unless otherwise indicated; subsequent editions are indicated by adding the relevant arabic numeral, so that, e.g., RT2 is the 2nd. edition of RT (but L1, L2, L3 and L4 are the successive volumes of letters); page references are given by plain number, followed after an oblique stroke by the note number if relevant (e.g. AC2 138/1 = Against the Current, 2nd. ed., p. 138, note 1)

AC Against the Current
AE The Age of Enlightenment
BI Henry Hardy (ed.), The Book of Isaiah: Personal Impressions of Isaiah Berlin
CC Concepts and Categories
CIB Ramin Jahanbegloo, Conversations with Isaiah Berlin
CTH The Crooked Timber of Humanity
FEL Four Essays on Liberty
FIB Freedom and its Betrayal
FL The First and the Last
HF The Hedgehog and the Fox
KM Karl Marx
L Liberty
L1 [Flourishing:] Letters 1928–1946
L1supp ‘Supplementary Letters, 1928–1946’
L2 Enlightening: Letters 1946–1960
L2supp ‘Supplementary Letters, 1946–1960’
L3 Building: Letters 1960–1975
L3supp ‘Supplementary Letters, 1960–1975’
L4 Affirming: Letters 1975–1997
L4supp ‘Supplementary Letters, 1975–1997’
OM George Crowder and Henry Hardy (eds), The One and the Many: Reading Isaiah Berlin
MI Michael Ignatieff, Isaiah Berlin: A Life
MN The Magus of the North
MSB Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS. Berlin (by shelfmark/folio, e.g. MSB 325/56)
PI Personal Impressions
PIRA Political Ideas in the Romantic Age
POI The Power of Ideas
PSM The Proper Study of Mankind
RR The Roots of Romanticism
RT Russian Thinkers
SM The Soviet Mind
SR The Sense of Reality
TCE Three Critics of the Enlightenment
UD Unfinished Dialogue (with Beata Polanowska-Sygulska)
VH Vico and Herder